About GET

The GET platform is an extension of the NDSU Campus Card program. It allows you to manage your campus cash, dining meal plans, printing funds, and more. 

GET can be accessed in multiple ways, including via:

  • Desktop: https://get.cbord.com/ndsu
  • Mobile App: Search GET on your phone’s app store.
  • Dining Website: Or visit the meal & block plan webpage on www.ndsu.edu/dining

Purchasing Meal Plans

  • All new meal plan purchases (not made at time of residence hall application), plus block plans, may be purchased through GET.
  • When purchasing, students have the option of paying up front for the plan, or billing it to their Campus Connection student account.
    • On mobile applications the “Bill Me” option will charge to the campus connection account and the transaction will show within a couple of business days.
    • Purchases initiated 8th day of classes for the semeser may be deducted from available financial aid funds, if applicable.
  • After purchase, the student will be able to utilize the dining halls as soon as the transaction is complete. If you have chosen to apply charges to your campus connect account the meal plan purchase are still available immediately even though it may take a couple business days to post to the campus connection account.


Changing, Canceling or Managing Your Meal Plan

  • Cancellations: Meal plan cancellation requests must be received in writing/email at the Department of Residence Life on or before May 1 for the upcoming fall semester and December 1 for the upcoming spring semester. Their email is ndsu.residence.life@ndsu.edu
    • Students in the following halls are required to have a meal plan, and cannot cancel: Burgum, Churchill, Dinan, Stockbridge, Weible, Reed/Johnson, Sevrinson, Thompson, Seim, Pavek, Cater.  
  • Changes: Students can change their meal plan from the 5-day to the 7-day, or from the 7-day to the 5-day, via GET. However, after the 100% refund deadline of the first Friday after class starts (January 22nd), they will only be allowed to move from the 5-day to the 7-day. 


Students may use GET to add funds to their Campus Cash account.  Campus Cash allows students to make miscellaneous purchases around campus using their ID cards.  Parents may also add Campus Cash funds to the account.  NOTE: Campus Cash is a different account than the campus connection account.

*** Depositing Campus Cash is for purchases only. Deposits cannot be used to pay for a meal plan on a student's NDSU Campus Connection Account.



 Dining/Meal Plans

Contact ndsu.dining@ndsu.edu or 701-231-7001 or in person at Residence Dining Center 1411 Albrecht Blvd. Room # 100. The office can be found by following the hallway towards Aldevron Hall just before the exit.

 Campus Cash or other features

Contact ndsu.cardcenter@ndsu.edu or 701-231-6252 or in person at the Memorial Union room 174.

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