About GET Funds

GET Funds is a place where Students, Faculty, and Staff, can Manage their Tiger Card Online anytime. You can make a Tigerbucks deposit, check Meal Plan and/or Tigerbucks balances, view transaction history and more.

If you lose your TigerCard, you can come online to Report your ID card Lost [which puts a hold on your Meal Plan & Tigerbucks, to prevent others from using your funds], and when you find your card, return it to a "Found" mode, to start using those funds again.

GET Funds provides valuable information about account balances and spending history, If you haven't already, be sure to sign up now.

For Parents:

GET Funds allows you to deposit funds into your student's Tigerbucks account.  All you need is their 7-digit ID number and your credit card information.

If your student wants to give you their login inforamtion they can surely do that, so that you too can do the things that they can do to Manage their Tiger Card Online 24/7.


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Contact Information:


Trinity University

Tiger Card Office

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