About myVCUCard.com

On myVCUCard.com you can get valuable information about your account balances, spending history, and even report your VCUCard lost or stolen 24-hours a day. You can also make a RamBucks deposit, set your quick-deposit or notification preferences, find places to use your RamBucks, and so much more!

You must login using your eID and password; contact the helpIT Center if you need assistance with your eID. Please visit our website to learn more about your VCUCard and your RamBucks account.


You too can deposit funds immediately into your favorite Rams' account. First, the cardholder must provide you with their 16-digit VCUCard Number, or ask them to send you an invitation from the home page of their account. Then simply click on the Guest Deposit link on the home page to get started. Please visit our website to learn more about VCUCard or contact us if you have any questions.

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